The Bump That Bumps the Bump in the Night (Podcast – Season 4, Ballistic Radio Episode 197, February 19th, 2017)

“If you are a high responder–if you are somebody who’s just going to run into the fray–you had better know that now so that you can build the knowledge, skills and attributes and have with you the tools that you’re going to need when you get into the kind of trouble that your temperament is going to get you into.” — Dr William Aprill


Welcome back to Part 2 of Dr William Aprill talking about the motivations behind Establishing a Dominance Paradigm. John and Dr. Aprill jump right back in where they left off last week diving right into defining a high responder and how they differ from those who are low responders and the importance of individuals being able to correctly classify themselves. William talks about temperament, what that means to the average concealed carrier and the decisions they make that either advantage themselves or handicap themselves in critical incidents.

Dr. Aprill also shares his ideas on when people should seek out force-on-force training and the other types of training that help carriers better understand how they might respond to violence.

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