Is It Secret? Is It Safe? (Podcast – Season 4, Ballistic Radio Episode 192, January 8th, 2017)

It’s more than a fashion accessory… it’s more than “I have a gun on me, therefore I am safe.” — Melody Lauer


Melody Lauer is joins the show to talk about issues for Warrior Sized (i.e. petite) people and some of the issues they face in concealed carry and training. John and JackJack never cease to geek out on the pop-culture references and Melody talks about some of the issues of strength, timing and tool fixation. She also discusses the progression of her carry and how she figured out how to carry a double-stack firearm AIWB.

If you are wondering how to make carry solutions work for small individuals and whether or not JackJack has actually ever fit on a roller coaster, this isn’t an episode you are going to want to miss.

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