Boredom Advances (Podcast – Season 4, Ballistic Radio Episode 175, August 21th, 2016)

“Pushing people’s buttons emotionally is a great way to diminish them physically.” — Craig Douglas


Ladies and Gentleman, this is the main event of the evening! Craig Douglas of Shivworks is here to talk about violent encounters, emotional control and verbal agility, as well as strip club DJs. Craig even shares his preference if given the choice between being bored or being mugged.

In this episode, Craig looks at the violent encounter from a place of avoidance, preparation and management and he discusses the pitfalls many people stumble into when they come into his famed Extreme Close Quarters Concepts coursework. He discusses how he sets up his course, some of the most important aspects to take away from it and then gives examples on how people learn to manage or avoid violent encounters using emotional control and verbal agility.

JackJack tells a PG-13 version of a time a lack of verbal agility got him into a fight and John is wondering when the FCC will catch up to his shenanigans on air.

This is an episode you will not want to miss!

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