Yeti ‘Nother Shotgun Show (Podcast – Season 3, Ballistic Radio Episode 114, May 31st, 2015)

“You need to learn the technique. You need to approach it from a manner of a learning principle. Not a, ‘hey I’m going to do this and look cool’, and just start running the gun as hard and as fast as possible. It’s a matter of learn proper technique, proper application, then follow through with it.” – Steve Fisher 


The Yeti is back, and this time he’s talking shotguns! For those who don’t know, the Yeti is none other then Steve Fisher, and if you don’t know who Steve Fisher is, then you really should listen to this show. Steve talks about some reasons why the carbine is often chosen over a shotgun, and some key elements to properly run a shotgun. We discuss some of the common myths associated with shotguns, such as racking a round as a deterrent. Plus, we get into load selection, acceptable patterns, and are there really hardware solutions to software problems?



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