Firearms Instructing for Dummies (Podcast – Season 2, Ballistic Radio Episode 102, March 8th, 2015)

“You have a responsibility here because you’ve donned the mantle of instructor and they believe you. And now you’re telling them to do something that maybe you just want to attach your name to because it looks cool on the internet, and you can get some hits off of it, and make a couple of bucks. But is this going to get somebody killed?” – David Williams


The firearms industry’s crazy uncle, David Williams joins us in studio for this show, and the silliness runs rampant. This time we dive into the topic of firearms instructors and training classes. We discuss such things as acceptable standards for classes, and the problems with classes that don’t fail anyone. In addition, David talks about what exactly qualifies someone to be an instructor, and what discerns the good from the bad ones. Plus, should an instructor actually know how to shoot well?

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