Shoot, Rinse, Repeat (Podcast – Season 2, Ballistic Radio Episode 99, February 15th, 2015)

“If you can’t do it right, you’re just doing it wrong. And practicing being wrong over and over and over again, you might get better doing it the wrong way, but you’re still doing it wrong. To a certain point you have to be doing it right before you should try doing it faster. But the mistake is to believe that if you keep getting smoother and smoother and smoother, speed will just happen by itself. The only way you get fast is by trying to be fast.” – Todd Green

This week, we’re glad to have Todd Green of back on the show. Todd talks about having to relearn how to shoot after having issues with his right arm that led to several surgeries. John and Todd discuss the ‘slow is smooth and smooth is fast’ cliche’, and how to get faster with your shooting goals and priorities in mind.  And in an attempt to break the internet again, John and Todd talk about how 1911’s are the most fun pistol to shoot in the history of history! Plus Todd tells us about his charity, Rampage For The Cure.

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