50 Shades Of Sniper Grey: A Piston AR Tale (Podcast – Season 2, Ballistic Radio Episode 95, January 18th, 2015)

“People sometimes can get tied to ideas because they’re invested in it emotionally. And I try to remind people (they) cannot afford to to be invested emotionally into anything. This is a very humble art form. …You have to maintain that humility and you have to be constantly trying to improve yourself. If you get comfortable, danger is lurking for you around the corner.” – Jeff Gonzales


What a crazy, crazy, crazy week it’s been. After a LONG week at Shot Show 2015, we’re pleased to bring you the episode from right before Shot Show, that we recorded before leaving for Shot Show, but is being  posted after Shot Show. Everybody get that? Good! This is part 1 of a 2 part show where we talk with Jeff Gonzales from Trident Concepts. We talk to Jeff about the new LWRC Tricon MK6  piston driven AR15, it’s development, and officially announce our 20,000 round torture test of the new rifle. As well, we discuss why people are so tied to their beliefs and tend not to try and do any critical thinking outside of their own bubble. Plus, what did those barn yard animals say?

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