Staging Vs. Storing Firearms, And How Not To Be A Fanboy (Podcast – Season 2, Ballistic Radio Episode 93, January 4th, 2015)

“A lot of people in our community will bristle up at the idea of responsible firearms staging. Because they immediately say, ‘Well, you’re being a wuss. You’re pandering to the gun control advocates. You’re trying to be politically correct.’, and I fully disagree. I think that responsible storage is something that we should do, and responsible storage isn’t something that we should feel like gets in the way of our being prepared to defend ourselves.” – Rob Pincus


Happy New Year, everyone! We kick off the first episode of the new  year with Rob Pincus. And Rob Pincus kicks off the first show of the new year with some shameless self promotion! Hooray! That’s not all, though. Rob and John talk about being able to question instructors, and how being able to explain why we do what we do is better then just being an internet fanboy. Also, Rob talks about storing vs. staging a firearm, and why “clearing” your house is a bad idea. Plus, are instructors who have been in a gunfight better teachers? Listen up and find out!

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