William Petty, And The Temple Index Of Doom (Podcast – Season 2, Ballistic Radio Episode 89 – December 7th, 2014)

“You know what no one ever, in a low light engagement, said? I can see too much. I have too many lumens. …I know the big things is like, ‘hey I really want a light that’s like two to three hundred lumens’, yada, yada, yada. I want ALL the lumens! I want ALL of them!” -William Petty

Lonely… John’s so lonely…. With no co-host to be found, John flies solo this episode as he talks with Willam Petty of Sentinel Concepts. William discusses some car related concepts, such as drawing your firearm while seated, carry positions, and how the shape and angle of auto glass have a major impact on a bullet’s performance. William talks about how he broke the internet with his concept of a temple index. And, LUMENS! Mogwais may hate them, but John and William talk about why you shouldn’t, as they discuss the importance of weapon mounted lights.

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