The FBI Hostage Rescue Team (Podcast – Season 2, Ballistic Radio Episode 59 – April 27th, 2014)

“As for shooting I just kept on telling myself slow down, take cover, use cover whenever I can, shoot accurately, and shoot multiple shots.” – Scott Warren, on making the transition from competitive to tactical shooting.

This week John interviews Scott Warren about his time with the FBI Hostage Rescue Team, and how Scott made the transition from a high-school teacher who shot competitively to a tier 1 operator with the HRT. Additionally Scott discusses his thought process in pushing the FBI towards selecting the .45 caliber 1911 pattern pistol as their sidearm. Towards the end of the show John finally solve’s the mystery as to why Warren Tactical has such a bad webpage…

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  1. says: Mate

    Dude, love your show, but don’t interrupt the man after asking him a question. I would have liked to have known which projects he has upcoming instead of the fact that you got a hook up with the FNH sights. Other than that keep up the good work. We need stuff like this.

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