The .22 Caliber Rifle For Home Defense? (Podcast – Season 2, Ballistic Radio Episode 57 – April 13th, 2014)

“There are lots of people who have defended themselves with the crappiest guns in existence…” -John Johnston

In this episode John and Andy sit down with Dr. Sherman House, The REAL Dr. HOUSE, to discuss the validity of a .22 rifle as a home defense tool for people with special considerations. Often times people select home defense firearms based on their skill level while never considering the other occupants of the household.  Dr. House and the Ballistic Radio crew discuss why considering other options is often times a good idea. In addition, the Paul-E-Palooza II Training Conference is discussed. On August 16th-17th 2014, some of the most respected and talented trainers and industry figures will be gathering at the Raven Concealment Systems range facility in Garrettsville Ohio.  What will follow can only be described as a FRENZY of learning as students are offered the opportunity to tailor their experience to suit their situation. At $250 a person this is one of the absolute best training deals in existence. Learn more here.


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