Let Them Shoot Cake! (SEASON 8, EPISODE 328)

“We have a perfect storm. I’ve never seen anything like this before, I’ve never seen this kind of…any one of the factors we have going on. A global pandemic, civil unrest, or a Presidential Election would be enough to spike up demand for guns and ammo. Any one of those three things. All three of those things at once has emptied the shelves back to the manufacturers.” -Caleb Giddings

On this episode Caleb Giddings from Gun Nuts Media joins the show to talk about all things relating to the current scarcity of guns and ammo inside of today’s market. Are there vast conspiracies to limit your access to ammunition, or is this all just the perfect storm of circumstance? When will things return back to “normal” or is this just the new normal? ALL THAT AND MORE! Remember Ballistic Radio is brought to you by Centurion Arms, hard use rifles and accessories, at easy day prices. Visit them online at www.centurionarms.com

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