History Lessons With Bolke (PODCAST – SEASON 7, BALLISTIC RADIO EPISODE 304)

“…This whole idea of you can’t see your sights in combat really came from those eras, but, if you look at like an original Smith and Wesson what would be a duty/police gun of the 1920’s guess what. You can’t see the sights with the hammer down, the hammer actually covers the sights. That’s where a lot of that came from and that’s why history is so important. To understand that equipment follows a lot of the training and vice versa.” – Darryl Bolke


Darryl Bolked joins us to discuss this history of the Fitz Special, as well as other things that folks may have forgotten, or never known! How does understanding the historical context of past training methodologies or equipment effect us today? Is it important to know? You be the judge, check it out!

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