LWRC Tricon Mk 6

November 21, 2014


(Unofficially announced at this point. We’re a tease, what can we say.)


December 12, 2014

I believe, we’ll be done with the Knight’s Armament Company SR-15 MOD2 this coming Wednesday. I’m strangely excited yet sad to be moving on. I did put a magazine through next year’s test rifle however… It ‘s still all shiny and new. I almost feel bad for what I’m going to do to it…



January 3, 2015

If only someone would abuse the crap out of this LWRC INTERNATIONAL, LLC Trident Concepts, LLC rifle…

LWRC upper


January 14, 2015

322 now…

LWRC Jan. 14 Vid


February 14, 2015

And on today’s episode of “All Da Lumenz” we have the LWRC Tricon MK6 test rifle with a SureFire, LLCFury PX3 on a Unity Tactical mount. Aziz, Light!

February 18, 2015

Since you all seem to like it when I do stupid crap with my test AR’s… The LWRC Tricon MK6 fell asleep in a snow bank, video soon…

LWRC Feb. 18 Vid

February 23, 2015

Another 150 rounds through the LWRC INTERNATIONAL, Tricon MK6. So far so good.

LWRC Feb. 23


June 9, 2015

Some of you have been asking about the LWRC INTERNATIONAL, LLCTricon (Trident Concepts, LLC) MK6 project gun. I’ve been waiting for the BattleComp 51T mount to be back in stock before we could get going in earnest. Expect some very cool stuff shortly.

LWCR 6-10-15


June 10, 2015

LWRC INTERNATIONAL, LLC Tricon MK6 (Trident Concepts, LLC) We’re getting started for serious now…

TacStrike 1/4 Steel target. (www.tacstrike.com)


July 8, 2015

Ammo for the LWRC INTERNATIONAL, LLC Tricon (Trident Concepts, LLC) MK6 test finally showed up. Muahahahahaha…

LWRC 7-8-15